The “Unisex kimono cardigan” is a part of the exhibition “Den nya kartan” (The new map). 24 designers and 24 manufacturers, all active in Skåne, are testing a new model of cooperation. The exhibition aims to show the potential that exists and that it is possible to manufacture and produce locally. The exhibition will also be shown at the National Museum in Stockholm and Vandalorum in Värnamo during Autumn 2015.

Liv Andersson was assigned to work with the machine knitter Ann-Margreth Assarsson at Blommiga Gredelina.

The ambition was to have as little manual intervention as possible during the production. Put the file into the machine and out with a garment, was the goal! As few production steps as possible minimizes the need for resources in terms of energy and time.

Liv wanted to seize on that there is no waste when a knitting garment, thus it usually is when a cutting out a garment from a piece of textile. The idea was a plus-shaped “unisex kimono cardigan” that just needs to be folded in half and sewn under the arms after it comes out of the machine. A graphic job in 2D, folded into something in 3D.
The pattern Liv drew was translated by Ann-Margreth into pixels/stitches in a machine knitting software. A very time consuming job for the first copy, but once it is done, it is ready to be knitted. As a file ready to be printed.

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Photo: Amanda Nordgren