Liv worked at Accus helping them making a shift towards becoming a circular business. She was involved in the overall transition work but with special responsibility for the circular product portfolio, designing for reuse, remanufacturing and recycling.

Accus is a small signage company in Southern Sweden that designs, produces and sell signs of all kind from small signs of a way-finding system to huge LED-logotypes. Accus got partly funded by Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova.

Circular economy is about anti-throwawaism and designing away waste trough new business models and design. The main principles of circular economy are in short Closing loops (reuse of materials), Narrowing loops (minimize material flows) and Slowing loops (keeping value/reuse).

At Accus we aimed at making long-lasting modular products that Accus could rent, or in other ways, get back for upgrade, refurbish or remanufacturing. The goal is to put as little material and resources as possible into the system and let as little material and resources as possible out of it. (See image to the right). Eventually all products become obsolete so they need to be designed for disassembly and recycling to facilitate material recovery.