Industrial Designer with classic design skills (design, usability, production, etc.) as well as thorough knowledge of how a product’s environmental impact can be minimized. For easier communication Liv Andersson sometimes calls herself an eco designer. Soon maybe also a “circular” designer since circular economy has been her biggest interest for a couple of years.

Liv has now landed in southern Sweden with a view over the world. She graduated from the Industrial Design program in Lund in 2008 and has always had the ambition to work on environmental issues in one way or another. As an industrial designer it can sometimes be double edged to find ones role in a world that is often based on the consumption of products. Does one want to bring more stuff to the consumers? Does one want to contribute to product obsolescence? Building on her education with expertise in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and sustainability Liv has found her life role as an eco design expert.

Liv has worked as product developer and eco designer at Green Furniture Sweden, Liv is a former partner at Mines Above Ground. Since the end of 2016 Liv has engaged in Accus (a signage company) to make a shift into a circular business. Working with circular design strategies Liv has helped to build a portfolio of products that can be reused, remanufactured and finally recycled in the best possible way. Read more at or watch her in action here: